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What should you be looking for in a carrier for your cat?

We want to make sure that the annual trip to see us is as safe and stress free as possible. That process starts with how your feline companion gets to the clinic.

#1 – Your cat carrier should be sturdy.

We recommend a carrier made out of hard plastic so that they have a stable surface to stand on. 

#2 – The door of the carrier should be made out of metal.



When doors are metal, they are less likely to be damaged or broken resulting in an escaped kitty!

#3 – Preferrably, it should have multiple ways to access the kitty.

The carrier should also be easily opened from the top, or the top removed for easy access to our more shy patients.

#4 -So, how big should this carrier be?

The carrier needs to be big enough for the cat to stand, turn around, and lay down comfortably. To make sure this is possible, measure your cat from their nose to the base of their tail. This is the length of the cat. The carrier should be 1 and ½ that length. So, if the cat is 12 inches from nose to tail, the carrier should be 18 inches long. It should also be as wide as the cat is long. In this example the carrier would need to be 12 inches wide.  This will ensure they are able to turn around comfortably.

#5 – Plan your visit to the clinic! 

You’ve successfully created a safe and comfortable way to get your furry feline to the vet.

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