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Tips for Loading Your Cat into a Carrier

By January 3, 2020 No Comments

So, you have this great carrier…and Fluffy refuses to go in it! Here are a few tips to help get your cat in there without all the fuss.

TIP#1 – Don’t put the carrier on the floor or other larger flat surface and expect purr-fect entry.


TIP #2 – Try placing your carrier on the edge of a table so that just a few inches of the front of the carrier hangs off the table. 


 Be careful! If the carrier is too far forward, it will fall off when weight is applied to the front portion not supported by the table!!


Tater Tot, our clinic kitty, has “volunteered” to demonstrate how well this method works. You might find that, like your cat at home, she obviously is not excited to go in the carrier! 


However, she doesn’t have much of a choice when we set her down. She has to put her feet into the carrier because it is the only solid surface to stand on.



If you have more questions or need more tips, please call or text us @ 765-453-4700.




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