Return Policy

Pet Care Clinic strives to service you with the best products to aid in your pets’ health and well being. We do understand that certain circumstances would cause the need to return a product. In these situations, we allow products to be returned using the guidelines below. You will in turn receive a credit to your account to be used for future services or products.*

Please review the following information before returning products to our location.

  • Item must have manufacturer packaging unopened with seals still intact. Items that are sold without seals or outer packaging are ineligible for return. **
  • Expiration dates on the product must be no sooner than 1 month from the date of return.
  • Individually counted medications from our pharmacy (generally sold in a prescription labeled pill bottle) are ineligible for return.***
  • Products sold with any promotion, coupon, or free give-away are still returnable. In these instances promotional items or freebies will be the first quantity returned prior to any other paid items. Coupon discounts will be taken into account and therefore deducted from the original selling cost before any credit is applied.
  • Products purchased via our online pharmacy link are subject to return terms created and upheld by our online distribution source and when in question are further subject to clinic discretion.

*Cash for returns will be offered at the sole discretion of the clinic and never in the case of a check written within the last two weeks.

**Some manufacturers have exclusions to this rule for very specific products. Please contact a receptionist to ask if this exception applies to your return product.

***We can assist, in most cases, with proper prescription disposal for any of your unneeded or expired pet medications.