“Why I Love My Job” from Dr. Hiss’s perspective:

I have been around animals my entire life, starting with growing up on a farm. I remember my 4th grade teacher had us write what we were going to do when we grew up. I wrote that I was going to be a veterinarian or a farmer. Animals have always been a source of interest and comfort for me.

When I graduated from veterinary school, I came to Kokomo and have been in the same practice for more than 36 years. I appreciate that I have known many of my clients since I started practice. I have fond memories of numerous animals, pets and livestock, over those years. I am blessed that I have a profession that I truly love. At an age where many are looking forward to walking away from their life’s work, I can’t imagine not practicing. I still love to learn how to be a better veterinarian each day.

The team we have at Pet Care Clinic is amazing. I am surrounded by happy people that enjoy what they do and are excellent at their jobs. Our recent accreditation by AAHA is a good example of what our team is capable of accomplishing. They inspire me to reach for goals that were merely dreams before. We work hard but still have an environment filled with joy and laughter.

Life in a veterinary practice is full of highs and lows. Seeing pets get well, new pets coming into clients’ families, and the joy of discussing entertaining things our pets do with our clients are really satisfying. On the other hand, discussions of quality of life decisions for a cherished pet are tough parts of the day.

I look forward to continuing to serve our clients and their companions.

– Dr. Hiss

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