“Why I Love My Job” from Erica’s perspective:

Working with animals can be a tough job, throughout the day you get covered in scratches, and mysterious stains (that you hope are just slobber), but all the hard work is so worth it in the end just to see a tail wag or hear a purr. I love my job because of the animals that I get to care for each day and for the amazing team I get to work alongside. I started at Pet Care Clinic in May to fulfill my internship requirement for school, and I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else. Everyone at the clinic has gone out of their way to help me get the best experience possible, and I can’t thank them enough. It is because of their hard work and the amazing mentoring I received that I am one step closer to earning my Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Nursing. I have decided to continue working part-time at Pet Care Clinic as I finish up my last year of school, so you’re sure to still see me around! – Erica

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