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“Why I Love My Job” From Nancy’s Perspective!

Pet Care Clinic has been a part of my life since 1983! I actually started working in the clinic in 2005. From the first day here I have enjoyed meeting our clients and patients! Our own two pugs are from clients! 

My favorite thing about being here is to watch our employee family develop their skills and grow as a team. I love the positive feedback we receive from clients and how caring our staff is with their beloved pet. 

A number of our past and present employees came on board as high school or college students. To watch them mature and become caring successful adults is such a positive feeling. Often times, they are here until they have the opportunity to achieve their dreams, either a job or a family. Julie, Kaleb, Chandra, Erica, Brianne are just a few who were awesome team members who went on to other endeavors, but keep in touch and visit us on a regular basis. There are many others! 

I am proud of my husband, and what a smart, caring and skilled veterinarian he is. Over the years, it has amazed me how many faces and names he remembers of all his clients. He even remembers their pet’s name!

I am proud of Amanda and Tiffany and their recognition as outstanding women in the veterinary field. I am glad to have positive role models for our staff including Dr. Rachel Fernung, Dr. Allison Foust, and Dr. Denise Pearson. These veterinarians work on a relief basis and provide care to our patients when Dr. Hiss is out of the office. We appreciate them very much. 

I love being around our entire staff and watching their positive work ethic, skills and love hearing their laughter.

I am very thankful for the continued positive health reports on Dr. Hiss from his oncologist. His tumor has gotten almost 50% smaller and he can continue on his medication. We know eventually surgery will be necessary, but the smaller the tumor, the less invasive. So keep those prayers coming!!

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