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We are migrating prescription food orders to our online pharmacy. It is very important that you create an account and order food before you are down to a week’s worth of meals left. This will help to cover the shipping time. Please do not wait!

Benefits to you:

  • Convenient shipping straight to your doorstep
  • Optional auto-shipments so you never run out of food
  • Multiple sizes of bags to fit your budget
  • Frequent coupons, savings and free shipping promotions right to your email
    • promo code ‘HURRAY25″ saves you 25% off your 1st order!


Don’t like online ordering from home? Our front desk staff can place the order for you during business hours, just call us! It will ship directly to your house.

*Please note that this is still an online order and will require a payment online at the time of the order.



Other Alternatives:

Many alternate online retailers to choose from as well. You can compare deals to find amazing opportunities for savings.

*please keep in mind that these retail locations will still verify your valid prescription with Pet Care Clinic, this generally adds an additional 1 to 2 business days to processing & shipping time from these unaffiliated sites.*

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