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Winter Weather Woes

By February 12, 2018 No Comments

Just a few quick points to keep you and your pets safe this cold, cold winter season.

  1. Put up the antifreeze!
    • Cats & Dogs are attracted to the sweet smell and taste.
    • Highly toxic and very high mortality rate due to kidney failure.
    • Only 1 teaspoon can be fatal!
  2. Watch for arthritis.
    • Cold damp weather aggravates arthritis, just like in humans.
    • Overweight pets are prone to suffering more. Discuss weight loss and pain management with your vet.
    • Never use human medications without consulting with your veterinarian first!
  3. Fur doesn’t equal safe outside!
    • Regardless of fur/hair type, all animals need adequate shelter. None are equipped for constant exposure.
    • Pets’ paws, ears and abdomen do not have much fur – watch for frostbite
    • Cats especially like to seek shelter in the motor of cars. Always check before starting your car!
  4. Careful packing on the winter pounds
    • It’s no laughing matter to allow pets to gain weight during the winter.
    • Have an awareness of unnecessary treat giving just like humans snacking too much.
    • Never allow candy to be consumed especially if sugar free! “Fake” sugars are dangerous to pets.
  5. Use common salting sense.
    • Pet-friendly driveway salts are great but still require directions being followed carefully.
    • Pets with hairy feet will need their paws rinsed and dried with more attention to detail than those with less.
    • If your pet licks or chews at his feet normally, then you need to be cleaning paws when coming & going from salted walkways.


We thank you for taking the time to read this list. It is proof of how much you care about your furry family member!

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