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  • After Hours Emergencies

    Click here to read more about emergency services and how to reach us!

  • Annual Exams and Vaccinations

    Choose the applicable age group for the furry loved one you're thinking about today!

  • Dental Hygiene

    Bad breath, loose teeth, red gums and loss of appetite are just a few signs your pet may show with periodontal disease. Professional dental care is necessary to maintain oral health and prevent secondary systemic diseases. An oral exam should…

  • Euthanasia and After Care

    Decisions about euthanizing are never easy. However, you'll find that our services revolve around respecting your wishes and the after-care of your furry loved one.

  • Other Services

    We offer x-rays, the Companion Animal Therapy Laser and microchipping as part of our comprehensive service offerings.

  • Prescription Refill Information

    Click here to find out how to refill a prescription.

  • Surgical Services

    Dr. Hiss routinely performs elective procedures like spays, neuters, and dentals. We also have the experience and capabilities to perform other medically necessary anesthetized or sedated procedures. Please call to ask surgery related questions or to schedule a pre-surgical visit.