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Parasite Prevention & Control

Fleas can cause problems for pets ranging from minor to life-threatening. Not only can these parasites cause severe itching, irritation, and allergies, but they can also transmit tapeworms and diseases. Fleas can infest dogs, cats, ferrets, mice, and rats. And fleas don’t just stay on pets; they can bite people, too. For more information, contact us or see the flea article in the Pet Health Library on our site.

You don’t want these blood-sucking parasites on your pet or in your home. We can help keep them away or help you get rid of them if they’ve already found their way inside. Call us to find out how to control fleas or to start your pet on a preventive today.

We offer to our patients a wide variety of preventative options:


**F.A.Q.**     I haven’t seen any fleas. Why should I worry about flea prevention today?

We’re glad you aren’t seeing any…yet. Unfortunately, waiting until you see one flea means that there are actually a probable dozen or more on your pet – that you aren’t seeing! One adult flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day. That means an infestation in mere weeks that can require lots of time and money to treat not only your pet but your home too. Prevention is affordable. Take the time today to prevent an outbreak tomorrow.

**F.A.Q.**     What is all the fuss about heartworm prevention?

Preventing heartworm disease is a crucial element in your monthly pet care routine. Our pets are susceptible to this potentially fatal parasite if not given the proper prevention. Depending on the number of parasites in the system, it can be years before you would even see signs that your pet is afflicted, and unfortunately by that time we may not be able to reverse all the damage. So, we ask that you help your pet avoid unneeded suffering by giving the proper prevention at least April – December every year. We will then monitor your pet’s health history and inform you when a blood test is needed to ensure your pets’ heartworm status.

**F.A.Q.**      Do I actually give a dose of heartworm prevention in December?

Yes, our doctors require your pet to have proper prevention April through December. That means purchasing 9 doses each year and giving one each of those months.

If you are able to, year-round (12 monthly doses) prevention is highly recommended but not required.

**FAQ**      How do I remove a tick?

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