Euthanasia and After Care

Decisions about euthanizing are never easy. However, you'll find that our services revolve around respecting your wishes and the after-care of your furry loved one.

black and white dog and Amanda Inman, CVPM taken by Kasey Deeter Photography

Euthanasia Services

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Saying good-bye to a beloved pet is one of the most difficult situations a pet owner will ever encounter, but trying to decide when it is time to say good-bye can be even more difficult. There are times when all the capabilities of medical science have been exhausted and euthanasia is the only way to prevent an animal from suffering needlessly. Let us help you through this difficult time.

We have multiple service options so that your last wishes for your furry family member can be met.

  • attended or unattended service
  • discreet and respectful preparations of remains for home burial
  • cremation with remains cared for honorably
  • cremation with return of cremains in your choice of urn
  • various memorial items such as a paw print, picture frame, or urn necklace

Pet Care Clinic partners with Shirley & Stout Funeral Home to aide in the proper care of your pet’s cremation services.