COVID-19 Restrictions Continued (updated 5-26-20)

By May 26, 2020 Clinic Blog

Pet Care Clinic Update on COVID-19 as of 5-26-20

If you were unaware, Dr. Hiss is immunocompromised and every effort is being taken to keep him and our whole staff healthy. If Dr. Hiss becomes ill, Pet Care Clinic would not be able to continue functioning at its current capacity. It is for this reason that we plan to continue restrictions longer than mandated by the local and state authorities.

Those restrictions include:

  • All appointments are curbside.  We will have our lobby doors locked but monitored by our staff. Please bring a cell phone with you and call us at 765-453-4700 upon arrival. If you do not have a cell phone, please gently knock on the front door upon arrival. Our staff will provide you further instruction.
  • Only patients will be allowed to enter the building. Our staff will perform the check-in process from your vehicle and then escort your pet inside to complete their visit.
  • We ask that you remain in your vehicle for the entire visit.  Please bring your cell phone so that the doctor may communicate details with you by phone. If you do not have a cell phone, please inform the staff when you knock on the front door. It is critical that you be available for the complete visit. Do not plan to run errands or perform other tasks while your pet is being seen by the doctor.
  • Payments can be taken by phone for most major credit cards. Care Credit transactions can be done through a textable pay-my-provider link or ID & signature exchanged while you wait in your car.


We know our clients are used to a much higher level of personal touch-points. Please hang in there with us. Your patience is appreciated as we work hard to keep our clients, our staff and our community safe & healthy.



  • If you are ill, especially with a cough or fever, please stay at home. We will be happy to work with you and schedule another appointment when you are well.
  • If you are ill and need medicine refills, please call or text us to request the refill, pay with credit card over phone, and have a friend or family member pick up your meds. We will give you the approximate time it will be ready for pick up. We can even bring it out to them!
  • If you wake up ill on the day of your scheduled appointment, please call or text us to cancel rather than just not show up. We appreciate the notification!
  • If within 2 weeks of visiting our clinic, you or a family member tests positive for the virus, please inform us so that we may take the proper steps to keep everyone healthy.


We appreciate your understanding and patience with these procedures, as we realize it may take extra time for our staff to treat your beloved pet and try to protect you and our community during the next few weeks.

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