“Why I Love My Job” from Amanda’s perspective:

Working at Pet Care Clinic the last 12 years has changed my whole life. I didn’t know that working could be so fulfilling until being here. I found my career, passion, mentorship, and friends – both co-workers and clients alike. My job here has opened doors in my life that I didn’t know could ever be unlocked! Pet Care Clinic changes something in anyone that comes here. It’s an opportunity to see how great a workplace culture can be, how you can respect one another whether agreeing or disagreeing, how loving what you do makes it great to get up each day and head to the same place, and how helping animals & their owners makes us better humans! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel some amount of gratitude for having my job here, and I recognize how rare that it in today’s world. I truly love my job! – Amanda

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