We have been working on a project at Pet Care Clinic called Why I Love My Job. Each month a staff member will have the opportunity to express what their job means to them. This is why Chelsie loves her job: 

“I’ve worked with animals most of my adult life thus far. Striving for their welfare is very important to me. I spent my time in an animal shelter previously, but I couldn’t have asked for a better clinic than Pet Care Clinic to start my transition into the veterinary field. Being a veterinarian is a part of who Dr. Hiss is. He takes his time with every appointment, no matter what stage of life the pet is in. The hospital staff is extremely knowledgeable and helps with so much more than people think. The office staff aims to work with client schedules and getting inquiry responses in a timely manner. This job wouldn’t be what it is without the exceptional people that I have the pleasure of working with every day.” -Chelsie

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