We have been working on a project at Pet Care Clinic called Why I Love My Job. Each month a staff member will have the opportunity to express what their job means to them. This is why Erica loves her job: 


“Ever since I started working here, I’ve always gotten the sense of family. I started volunteering at Pet Care in 2006 when I was just in middle school. Now that I have come back as a senior at Purdue, I can confidently say that the family bond has only gotten stronger. Dr. Hiss is one of the most thoughtful, compassionate doctors who loves what he does. He gives every client and patient the exact same attention and care. The veterinary technicians and assistants work hard to ensure patient care is always a top priority. The front desk associates strive to make sure that clients are able to call and schedule appointments, fill medications, and answer any questions they might have. I am truly blessed to be working at Pet Care, because it does not feel like a job to me. I am helping animals and working with some amazing people, both of which make me so incredibly happy.” – Erica

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