National Vet Tech Week

By October 19, 2016 Clinic Blog

This week, we are celebrating National Vet Tech Week. Veterinary Technicians play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of a veterinary hospital. They can administer anesthesia and assist the doctor during surgeries. They are also pharmacy techs, x-ray techs, and dental hygienists. They can give injections and vaccines among many other things. To be a Vet Tech, a person needs to be passionate about animals, patient, caring, and knowledgeable.

While we value our Vet Techs every day, this week we take extra time out of our days to say “Thank you” to every Veterinary Technician for all that they do. National Vet Tech Week falls on the third week of October and was created to celebrate them and to honor their commitment and compassion for all animals. Pet Care Clinic is lucky enough to have two great Veterinary Technicians, Tiffany and Kara. Both of them bring different qualities to the table to make a well-rounded Vet Tech team. We asked Tiffany and Kara why they wanted to become Vet Techs and both of their answers had a common theme: Their passion for animals.

Growing up, Tiffany and her family always had pets. Because of this, her passion for animals started at a very young age. In middle school, she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up and she answered Vet Tech without even a second guess. Her love for animals continues to grow each and every day. Caring for them is extremely rewarding to her and she enjoys the diversity and continuous learning she gets from being a Vet Tech. Tiffany graduated from International Business College in 2007. Shortly after, she passed her national examination to earn her license as a Registered Veterinary Technician and has been working for Pet Care Clinic since March of 2008.

Ever since Kara was little, all she wanted to do was to work with animals. Kara grew up with pets all of her life and never liked to see them sick or in pain. When she learned that she could become a Veterinary Technician, she knew that was what she was meant to do. She wants to make sure all animals stay healthy so they can live a happy, long life with their owners. Kara graduated from International Business College and Vet Tech Institute in December 2015 and is currently studying to take her VTN examination so she can earn her license.

If you see either of these wonderful Vet Tech’s, please take some time to thank them for all that they do.

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