Clinic Announcement: Farewell Dr. Byerly

By September 13, 2016 Clinic Blog

Pet Care Clinic would like to wish Dr. Byerly the best of luck with her new endeavors. She, along with her husband Nate, have made the decision for her to leave her associate position to become a relief veterinarian. This will allow for a much more flexible schedule and more time available with her two young children Clara and Joe.

Dr. Byerly’s last day with us will be Friday, September 30th. We thank Dr. Byerly for her friendship, sense of humor, kind heart and patient care over these past 2 years. We will miss her, just as we know our pet families will too!

If you would like to get your pet in to see her before she leaves, please give Kaleb or Cheyenne at our front desk a call and schedule now.

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